Burn Permits Available Online

March 19, 2024

Free Online Burn Permits may be obtained using the

Wardens Report website

Allowable Burn Times and Dates:

The Maine Forest Service updates the fire danger daily at 9:00 am; no permits can be issued prior to that time. Permits cannot be issued for future dates.

Monday - Friday: Unless it is raining, burn permits will not be available prior to 5:00 pm on any weekday (even Low fire danger) due to limited availability of staff. Permits can be obtained after 5:00 pm. Saturday - Sunday: Burn permits typically will be available starting at 9:00 am on Low and Moderate days.

All permitted fires need to be extinguished by 12:00 am midnight. The Fire Warden or Forest Service reserves the authority to turn off and cancel issued permits due to changing weather conditions, responses to fires or operational issues at any time. Permit holders will be notified by telephone if that occurs.

What Fires Need a Permit

All fires are required to have a burn permit, except for campfires in established fire rings. A campfire is defined as a controlled area with rocks or blocks no larger than 36” in diameter used for warming or cooking burning wood only. A permit is required to burn brush, leaves/pine needles, construction debris or logging slash. A permit is still required even if someone is burning these materials in a campfire ring or burn barrel. Any questions or issues with burn permits should be directed to the Fire Warden at (207) 452-2300.

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