Water Extraction

Denmark has as an ordinance which governs large scale water extraction. The current ordinance can be viewed by visiting our Documents section. The ordinance is being reviewed by a Water Extraction Review Committee, established by the Select Board in June of 2022. The committee has been tasked to review the entire ordinance which is over 10 years and to make recommendations to the Select Board on amendments and or a re-write. This is going to be a long process and the committee thus far is being thorough in their review. After the Select Board reviews the recommendations they will present it to the voters and it will be voted on at an Annual Town Meeting.

Currently there is one entity operating under an approved Large Scale Permit, this entity is Blue Triton D/B/A Poland Springs. To view the current and past permit and conditions along with reports, please visit our Document section.

Please visit our Document section to view reports and documents pertaining to our Water Ordinance.

Town Geologist Workshop video on Lake Region TV clickhere.

If you have questions about water extraction monitoring in the Town of Denmark please contact the Denmark Town Manager at (207) 452-8850 or via e-mail at townmanager@denmarkmaine.org

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